Support of SB 1099 – Fire & EMS Grant Reauthorization

Dear Senator,
Our statewide fire organizations collectively support SB 1099 and amendments which would reauthorize the Fire & EMS Grant Program, which is due to expire on June 30, 2024, for another ten years. This grant program delivers valuable funding and we do not want it to lapse; seeing the Fire and EMS Grant Program reauthorized before its expiration at the end of this fiscalyear is our main priority.

The Governor, in his budget proposal, has outlined a potential $30M increase to this grant program. While we are certainly supportive of this increase, we would not like to have reauthorization of the grant program be delayed because of any potential extended budget debate that may linger past the June 30th expiration of the program.
If there is an increase in the grant program through the enactment of a state budget, we, as statewide organizations, are in agreement that the State Fire Advisory Board should decide on the grant details and be given the authority to make appropriate changes that would better serve the present Fire and EMS community.

We thank you for your service to our Commonwealth and ask for your support in passing SB 1099 to reauthorize the Fire and EMS Grant Program.