Recruitment and Retention Strategic Plan

Firefighters’ Association of the State of Pennsylvania
Recruitment and Retention Strategic Plan
Contents and Instructions For Use

The Firefighters’ Association of the State of Pennsylvania (FASP) is providing this information for reference and use by the Fire and EMS community in an effort to improve recruitment and retention of volunteers and career members.
The following contents are intended to be used as indicated. However, if you feel you need to make modifications for the tool to be used locally, feel free to modify the tool for local use.

1. Contents and Instructions for Use
You are reading this first to understand what each file on the CD contains and how to use it locally to help your fire department.

2. Recruitment and Retention Strategic Plan Summary
This is a summary of the Project Report.

3. Recruitment and Retention Strategic Plan
This is the comprehensive report and strategic plan completed as the first step in determining needs, funding and tools to assist local agencies in improving recruitment and retention.

4. Distance Learning Program Access Information
A distance learning program is available that covers the contents of the report and its
application opportunities locally. This page provides guidance on how to access the course. The course is free.

5. Recruitment Flyer
This document can be used to assist in recruiting members.

6. Recruitment and Retention Poster
This poster can be used locally. You can have it printed to poster size and incorporate your
name/contact information on the poster.

7. “Everyone Get One” Program
The most effective tool in recruitment is “word of mouth”. This program is intended to provide guidance for members to understand what to do to reach out in the community and “each member get a new member”.

8. Exit Questionnaire – Why did you leave the organization
Use this questionnaire when a member leaves the organization to determine why they left and then determine if something can be done to prevent others from leaving for the same reason.

9. Incentive Questionnaire – What incentives would be of benefit to you
Use this questionnaire on a periodic basis to determine what members would find useful as benefits/incentives.

10. Why Did You Join Questionnaire
Use this questionnaire to better understand why your members joined the organization in
order to develop effective recruitment initiatives.

11. Strategic Planning Chart (for local agency use)
This chart can be used locally to establish your own plan, implementing whatever components you may find useful. A sample is provided as well as a blank copy are provided