About Us

What is The Firefighters’ Association State of Pennsylvania?

The object of the Association shall be for the general improvement of the fire service throughout the state; to provide protection to disabled fire fighters and to those dependent upon, through legislation enactment; to open discussion upon the best manner and means for the fighting of fires and public fire safety education; to promote the organization of fire companies and fire departments in communities in need of such protection and encourage a fraternal friendship among fire fighters.

What Area Does the State Association Cover?

The entire geographical territory of the State of Pennsylvania. Any fire company, fire department, fireman’s relief association or fire related service organizations, either volunteer or paid, having been duly chartered in the State of Pennsylvania may join.

Why Should an Individual Fire Fighter Join the State Assoc.?

In addition to fraternal friendships and an opportunity to provide a death benefit for your family, the State Association provides a forum for individuals to provide direct input on legislation, state level training and the many problems that arise in providing protection to our citizens. Each member has the opportunity to speak at the Annual Convention. As a member you have the opportunity to serve on various committees or receive the benefits or action generated by the officers and committees.

What Has the Association Done in the Past?

The State Firefighters’ Association through its history has been responsible for promoting and the enactment of legislation favorable to the fire service. The Association has encouraged and directed the many rules and regulations that provide safety to the citizens. The State Association was instrumental in providing the Pennsylvania Fire Academy in Lewistown, PA as a central training site; the creation of the Fire Commissioner’s Officer in Harrisburg; the death benefit for injured fire fighters and the enactment of the low interest loan program for equipment and facilities.

Who Is Eligible for Membership?

Any paid or volunteer member of a duly chartered fire, rescue or EMS service organization may join as an active and beneficial member by applying on the proper forms provided by the Association. There are no restrictions regarding the ages of these members, except that each individual must be a member of the Firefighters’ Association for a period of one year (365 days), before becoming eligible for the death benefit. No individual may hold more than one membership in the Association.

Who Is Eligible for Company Membership?

Organization memberships shall consist of fire companies, fire departments, firemen’s relief associations and fire related service organizations, with paid or volunteer, having been duly chartered in the State of Pennsylvania. Organization members may be represented at the Annual and Special Conventions of the Association by a duly elected or appointed delegate from said organization members. Such delegates shall have the same rights and privileges of active and non-beneficial members, except they shall receive no financial benefits nor be elected to office.

Committees To Serve You.

As an individual member you will receive the benefits of or you can volunteer to serve on various committees to assist in providing scholarships, training, recognition awards or safety education. The committees include, but are not limited to:

  • Law and Legislation
  • Fire Training
  • Fire Safety Education
  • Convention
  • Executive / Planning
  • Resolutions
  • EMS
  • Membership
  • Publicity
  • Scholarship
  • Awards
  • By-Laws
  • Memorial
  • Credentials
  • Presidents Dinner